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Project Mayhem evolves out of, and eventually replaces Fight Club (at least the original chapter), starting out as a "homework assignment" given out to members by Tyler Durden. As Fight Club attains a nationwide presence, Tyler uses it to spread his anti-consumerist ideas, devising increasingly elaborate pranks on corporate America. He eventually gathers the most devoted Fight Club members and forms Project Mayhem: a organization that trains itself as an army to bring down modern civilization.

Project Mayhem Trainees (which Tyler refers to as space monkeys) must first pass a test where they are left standing on the front porch of the Paper Street House, being constantly belittled and told to leave. If they hold for 3 days without food or shelter, they are then allowed to stay at the house and train as a member of Project Mayhem. Requirements:

  • Two black shirts.
  • Two pairs of black pants.
  • One pair of black boots.
  • Two pairs of black socks.
  • One black jacket.
  • $300 personal burial money.

Structure and CommitteesEdit

Project Mayhem is organized in a structure of different committees:

  • Arson Committee - meets on Mondays
  • Assault Committee - meets on Tuesdays
  • Mischief Committee - meets on Wednesdays
  • Misinformation Committee - meets on Thursdays

Human SacrificesEdit

A separate part of the project which involves a member threatening a complete stranger into achieving the goals that person originally set out to accomplish before they gave up on them. One example is when Tyler himself (narrator alone does this in the book) threatened Raymond K Hessel into commencing his study of veterinary medicine. It is implied through the many licenses on Tyler's door that he and/or other members of Project Mayhem have done the same to many people.


  • 1st rule: You don't ask questions about Project Mayhem.
  • 2nd rule: You don't ask questions about Project Mayhem.
  • 3rd rule: No excuses.
  • 4th rule: No lies.
  • 5th rule: You have to trust Mr. Durden.
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